Devon + Mike – Oak and Lace Wedding Venue – Maine, NY

I am so excited to share this Lily Moon wedding with you guys. Devon and Mike had a gorgeous wedding at Oak and Lace Wedding Venue in Maine, NY. Even though it was a rainy day, the pictures came out epic. There was even a rainbow!

Oak and Lace Wedding Venue in Maine, NY.

No one wants a rainy day for their wedding. I’ve seen brides break down and be devastated when being faced with an ominous forecast. I’ve been around long enough that I can vouch for a good rainy day. I’ve been a part of many rainy day weddings and not one was a disappointment. One of my favorites was out in Ithaca during a torrential downpour and my adventurous bride and groom decided they would face the rain and let me tell you, it was AMAZING. I’m so glad that Devon and Mike share this adventurous spirit because their bride and groom portraits are incredible.

I love the outside of this wedding venue.

You can actually see the rain coming down in the upper right photo. The ceremony took place in the midst of all that rain but a little wet didn’t stop it from being a beautiful ceremony.

First kiss as husband and wife!

My favorite part of the day! The bride and groom portraits.

Oak and Lace is such a gorgeous place for photos. I love this little barn with the lights strewn through out.

Devon is such a beautiful bride!

As soon as I saw these doors I knew my lead shooter would be drawn to them. Brittni has a knack for finding really cool walls and natural back drops. At first when I skimmed through their pictures I didn’t see these and thought she had skipped them. I was shocked and texted her that I was surprised she didn’t drool over this backdrop. But then she kindly pointed out that I’m a 90 year old woman and just didn’t skim the full gallery. *insert foot in mouth here* She said it in a nicer way obviously but total duh moment for me.

I am obsessed with these pictures!!!! That sky is incredible. The view is incredible. The bride and groom are incredible. I just love them so much!

And then a RAINBOW! See? Rain on your wedding day is good luck. You don’t get luckier than a rainbow.

The reception space was absolutely beautiful. If there’s one tidbit of advice I can leave you with, it is to hire a DJ who does fantastic lighting like this DJ did. I actually went to a wedding recently where the DJ didn’t uplight the entire venue and let me tell you, the pictures reflected that in not the best way. It makes lighting really tough and it takes away that romantic ambiance. So when you scroll through these pictures take note of the beautiful lights all around this reception space. Try to picture it without them! And then make sure you discuss uplighting with your DJ.

What a stunning way to end a wedding. These backlit photos done by Brittni are AMAZING! Lily Moon is lucky to have Brittni as a team member because, MAN, she kills it every time.

I also want to mention Brittni’s second shooter, Andrea, who also did an awesome job! Andrea is another talented photographer in the area and we’re hoping she hangs out with Lily Moon more because we love her!

A huge shoutout to these vendors as well! They helped to make Devon + Mike’s wedding day perfect.

Venue: @oakandlaceweddings – Oak and Lace Wedding Venue in Maine, NY

Makeup: @kayalvarezmakeup

Dress: @everafternybridal

Hair: @asalonforyou – See Facebook

Flowers: Darlene’s Flowers –

DJ: Spotlight Studio

Charcuterie: @alisonhartnett24

Pumpkins: @russellfarms

Syracuse Wedding Photographer

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