Alyssa + Brian – Ithaca, NY Wedding

I am so excited to get this blog posted! Alyssa and Brian had a gorgeous wedding in Ithaca, NY. Ithaca is one of my most favorite places when it comes to weddings. There are some really wonderful venues and a laundry list of great places to have your wedding portraits done. If you’re debating on a place to hold your wedding, I highly recommend checking out this wonderful little city in the Fingerlakes.

As always, the day starts with detail shots. Alyssa’s wedding dress was from one of my favorite wedding boutique’s, Ever After Binghamton Bridal.

Obsessed with these wedding shoes.
Alyssa designed her own wedding invitations! SO BEAUTIFUL!

I’ve seen some really beautiful jewelry come from The Goldsmith’s in Binghamton, NY. This engagement ring might be one of my most favorite pieces yet.

New rule. Don’t have a first look with your bridesmaids unless their reactions are guaranteed to be this good.

How cute is this?

First looks are always my favorite. If you’re considering doing a first look for your wedding, PLEASE vote yes. It makes for such a special moment and then you get to join your cocktail party because the majority of your pictures are done before the ceremony.

Wegmans created this bouquet you guys. Wegmans. It’s so pretty.

The Botanic Gardens at Cornell is the perfect spot for wedding photos. Sunny days are always preferred for weddings but sometimes the light can be too bright and overbearing. The Botanic Gardens has so many shady spots to work with.

When I do the scheduling with my clients before their wedding, we almost always talk about posing and concerns that the couple might have during the formals. Alyssa and I chatted about a couple of things she was worried about. When I started culling through her wedding, I was awe struck at how beautifully she photographs. We’re always our worst critic, right? I do it. We all do it. But looking at her I can’t imagine how she could worry. She was born for this.

Do any other photographers get teary eyed when they cull through their weddings? It can’t just be me. I love how photographs tell a story and you can feel the emotion seeping from the portraits. I love these ceremony photos so much.

First kiss as husband and wife!

The ceremony and reception space at Celebrations in Ithaca is gorgeous.

This cake is also from Wegmans.

Alyssa and Brian had such a beautiful wedding at Celebrations in Ithaca. I want to give a huge shout out to my amazing associates Moe and Kev for capturing these shots. I also want to give a huge shout out to the vendors who made their wedding day so beautiful. We highly recommend them all!

Venue/Catering/DJ: Celebrations –

Dress: Ever After Bridal –

Rings: The Goldsmith –

Cake/Bouquet: Wegmans –

Dessert Table: Ba-Li Cravings in Ithaca –

Hair: Nicole and Ashley from Platinum Beauty in Owego (See Facebook)

Makeup: Dayna Raye Beauty (See Facebook)

Syracuse Wedding Photographer

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