Adventure Wedding Session – Ithaca, NY

Hellooo friends! I am BACK and so excited to start blogging again. To celebrate I wanted to post Alyssa + Brian’s adventure session in Ithaca, NY. I was so excited when these two wanted to do one of these sessions.

If you’re not sure what an Adventure Session is, let me explain…

If you’re already married, you know that your wedding day can be bananas. Time speeds by and before you know it, you’re ending your night with a sparkler sendoff or a last call to the dance floor. No matter where you’re getting married, there’s almost never time to hit up all the locations one might want their wedding portraits taken. It sounds great to hike to the top of a mountain or hit up a waterfall within an hours drive but it’s impossible to schedule that on the day of when you have places to be and, ya know, someone to marry. Even on my own wedding day we had ideas of climbing to the top of Bald Mountain in Old Forge and even though we technically could have built that time in, it was just way too overwhelming to do so. (I’m sure on our anniversary, we’ll do our own adventure session.)

An adventure session is the perfect opportunity to wear your dress again. (Alyssa made this gorgeous bouquet herself.) We can either plan florals together and I can make a bouquet, you can bring your own or we can work with a local florist to make something specific to what you’re looking for. OR, you can go without a bouquet if that’s not important to you.

This adventure session took place in Ithaca, NY. Ithaca is one of my most favorite places for any type of shoot whether it be a wedding, engagement, maternity or family. I’m always happy to be here. There are so many gorgeous places to choose from and beautiful waterfalls to visit. The Fingerlakes area in general is just absolutely gorgeous. Or should I say GORGES? (That was awful. I’m sorry.)

Your wedding dress does not need to be professionally cleaned before your adventure session either. I can smooth out wrinkles and erase stains from your wedding day. I can also remove other people in the background which is almost always necessary when you’re shooting at one of the parks in Ithaca.

The above image is one of my absolute favorites.

I love clients that can play together and who don’t take themselves too seriously.

By the end of our adventure session the sun began to set which gave off this dreamy warm light. That yellow contrast makes my heart sing.

I had so much fun doing this post wedding day session with Alyssa + Brian. I am so pumped for my upcoming 2023 weddings and adventure sessions. If you haven’t booked yours yet, click the contact button and let’s get planning!

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