Devon + Mike (Binghamton, NY engagement)

I am soooo excited to share Devon + Mike on the blog today! These two were so much fun to work with. We almost had to reschedule (again!) due to weather but decided to stick it out in the snow and it made for the BEST photos. Something about blowy snow flakes make engagement portraits (or weddings portraits!) super dramatic.

We met at Chenango Valley State park right outside of Binghamton, NY to begin our traipsing around. We covered a lot of ground for such a snowy day. My fingers were ice by the end of the session but completely worth it!

I can’t resist a good red umbrella.
I also love landscape photography so if I get a chance to incorporate landscape photography with engagements or weddings, I’m all about it. I looooove these winter snowscapes.

It was a little tricky getting down into the creek bed with the slippery snow. We had to move real slow and my red umbrella became a stand in trekking pole but it was completely worth it. Out of the many, many portraits I took of Devon and Mike, these are my absolute favorite.

After we left the creek bed we traipsed over to the other side of the park.

Such a pretty engagement ring!

The last pictures we took were out in the open. The snow was really coming down and the wind was whipping. It was AWESOME.

Even though we were all freezing at the end of this engagement session, Devon and Mike agreed to do some classic silly snow pictures. They were super brave!

Devon + Mike are having a fall wedding in October of next year. We are so excited to be a part of it!

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