Binghamton, NY Engagement Session

Introducing Hannah + Mike!

I love seeing color in photos. My mantra has always been bright and airy with pops of color. Hannah’s hair alone made this engagement session pop all on its own. I LOVE her hair.

This photoshoot took place in downtown Binghamton right before their rehearsal dinner. Our talented Kelsey met up with them to take their engagement photos before covering their wedding the next day. Sometimes this is just how stuff works out if you’re coming from out of town and we are always happy to accommodate.

2022 was one of those years where it was common to shoot a wedding for a bride and groom who had already been married. The pandemic made way for a LOT of micro weddings that later turned into full on celebrations with family and friends. Thank goodness we are finally past that and back to shooting events. Those first few years were a sad time for all photographers and wedding vendors.

I love a good black and white photo.

On their way to their wedding rehearsal!

Hannah + Mike’s Binghamton wedding are next up on the blog. Stay tuned so you don’t miss it!

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